Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots

Boost energy and fight aging with Vitamin Injections. Vitamins are injected directly into the muscle for quicker absorption than oral absorption.

Vitamin injections can help improve individuals’ overall health and well-being on a cellular level. Vitamins are essential for healthy functioning, and injected directly into the muscle allows for these vitamins to be absorbed more quickly than when taken orally. Vitamin injections can help to boost immunity and energy levels, as well as improve skin health and reduce signs of aging. They can also help improve mood, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. Injections of specific vitamins can also help to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive functioning, and improve heart health. The vitamins we offer at The Cosmetic Clinic include Vitamin B-12 vitamins, Weight Loss Injections, and Vitamin C. The type of vitamin, and the amount that is injected, will depend on the individual’s specific needs and goals.

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Vitamin B12 Injection


Improve energy levels with Vitamin B12 injection.

Benefits include:

  • Boosts energy
  • Healthy hair and skin
  • Enhance your mood
  • Helps regulate appetite and sleep
  • Boost metabolic rate

Recommended 1-2 times per week

Vitamin C Injection


Ready for less stress and glowing skin? Improve your immune system with Vitamin C injections. Vitamin C delivered directly into the muscle will obtain a higher concentration than taken orally.

Weight Loss Injection


Boost fat burning, metabolism, and energy to achieve your weight loss goals! Weight loss injection includes lipotropin compounds and amino acids to assist in removing fat from the body. In combination with B complex vitamins, L-carnitine, and B12, you will have more energy and boost metabolism to help burn fat.

Benefits include:

  • Increased mood
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased energy
  • Improves fatigue


IM vitamin shots are usually administered weekly or bi-weekly, or monthly schedule and are a quick way to improve your health and well-being. During your consultation, we will determine the appropriate treatment frequency for you.

Vitamin Shots benefit individuals seeking to boost their overall health, energy levels, and immune system. They can particularly benefit those with vitamin deficiencies, busy lifestyles, or specific health goals. Vitamin Shots may suit your needs, but you should consult a healthcare provider first.

The timing of when you’ll feel the effects of Vitamin Shots can vary depending on your health status and the specific vitamins administered. Some individuals may notice an immediate increase in energy, while others may experience gradual improvements in overall well-being over time with regular supplementation.

The duration of the effects of Vitamin Shots depends on factors such as metabolism, lifestyle habits, and the specific vitamins administered. The effects may typically last several days to a week, but regular supplementation may be recommended for sustained benefits.

Getting a vitamin shot allows the vitamins to directly enter the bloodstream and bypass the stomach. Directly injecting the vitamins will not lose the nutrients in the stomach.

Side effects from Vitamin Shots are rare but can include minor discomfort at the injection site, allergic reactions, or drug interactions. Before receiving Vitamin Shots, you should discuss any concerns or medical history with your healthcare provider.

Before receiving Vitamin Shots, it’s advisable to stay hydrated and inform your healthcare provider about any medications or health conditions. Afterward, ensure proper hydration and follow post-injection instructions to maximize absorption and minimize potential side effects.

During a Vitamin Shots session, your healthcare provider will inject the selected vitamins, typically into the muscle, for optimal absorption. In most cases, the procedure takes only a few minutes and is relatively painless. Afterward, you can resume your normal activities with potentially increased energy and vitality. Regular sessions may be recommended based on your individual health goals and needs.

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