(55 Minutes)

Our COSMETIC CURE Facial is designed to help Acne Prone skin types. The COSMETIC CURE begins with an in-depth consultation to identify your acne “triggers” using specific products for acne/blemish prone skin. We cleanse the skin with a nourishing, deep cleansing solution. Acne Renew is an alternative skincare treatment aimed towards those with acne prone skin with problems like cystic acne, oily skin, or dead skin cells that might be clogging up your pores. The treatment is designed specifically for acne fighting with minimal side effects. Acne facial treatments focus primarily on extractions to unclog pores and kill bacteria in the skin with the use of salicylic acids, hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, or benzoyl peroxides depending on what works best for your skin. With the addition of Blue LED Light Therapy is used to fight and attack future breakouts and offer anti-inflammatory benefits to decrease free radicals and facial redness. To finish, we use High Frequency to kill any bacteria causing breakouts. These steps boost the blood circulation within the skin, which in turn helps to repair the damaged skin calls while simultaneously tones, strengthens and tightens the skin cells. This type of facial is perfect to reduce inflammation for mild to moderate acne or rosacea prone skin.

Included in COSMETIC CURE Facial



Blue LED Acne Light Therapy

Light Neck / Hand Massage

Calming Acne Renew Mask

Lip Hydration

High Frequency

Moisturizer / SPF

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